Hello and welcome!

This is officially the first journal post of the San Francisco Correspondence Society. I'm Micaela, and as founder of the society, I want to warmly welcome you to this exciting new community! I'm hopeful that this space will provide you with inspiration, useful information, and of course, letter writing socials where you will be able to meet like-minded letter writers and share in your love of stationery, postage stamps, and all things snail mail! After all, that's why I decided to create a letter writing society in the first place. Letter writing is a solitary hobby, for the most part (I mean you are writing to another human being so it's not anti-social by any means) but how much more fun and exciting could it be if you were sharing with others your love for correspondence! I think that’s why there is such a vibrant Instagram community surrounding snail mail. Anyway, thank you for stopping by and hope to meet you soon.

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Postally yours,